Is This The World You Want To Live In?

Old White Guy Rudy Giuliani, speaking on conservative news channel Newsmax, shown in a thumbnail between to much younger White women with long blond hair.
These women kept a straight face while Rudy Giuliani said he had the goods. “It’s gobbledygook supported by thousands of pieces of evidence, none of which has been revealed yet. I happen to have it in my bedroom.”

With Coronavirus in the rearview, He Who Shall Not Be Less Tangerine needs a new enemy. Or in this case, a new old enemy.

Did you guess Hillary Clinton?

In an attempt to deflect attention away from the business of being dropped by his accounting firm and the Jan. 6 subpoenas, former POTUS put out a statement…



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L.L. Kirchner

L.L. Kirchner

Award-winning screenwriter & best-selling author | GenXer | Terminally lapsed Catholic & recovering yoga teacher writing about what matters now |