MAGA Needs An Update—#MIRWPFGA

@ Me.

L.L. Kirchner
2 min readMay 15, 2022


Red t-shirt styled like MAGA gear with the words, make ignorant religious white people feel great again.
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No, don’t really @ me on this, I’m confrontation avoidant with people I don’t know. I have to love you to be willing to fight with you. So if you don’t see how the slogan is apt, I probably don’t love you.

My point is, MAGA needs an update. #MIRWPFGA.

Sure, Make Ignorant Religious People Feel Great Again is not quite as catchy. But I can make #MIRWPFGA roll off the tongue. MER whipf ga.

It’s so obvious, now, this mythic GREAT time that America must make again? The time when ignorance and religion and whiteness ruled.

Last week’s SNL cold open hit the mark.

Of course I keep wishing this was not something that needed to be discussed. But between the TOPS shooting in Buffalo, and this mailer we just got from Ron DeSantis, I’d be a fool to ignore how ruthlessly conservatives are gearing up for battle.

Photo of a survey sent to the home of two registered democrats
Courtesy of the DeSatan campaign.

The survey above was sent by the DeSantis campaign to the home of zero Republicans. Clearly they’re thinking that now is the time to pounce on anybody out there who might be on the fence.

For swaying hearts and minds, I’d give this survey a “could do better.” But then, I thought less of DeSantis’ ludicrous campaign for governor, when one prominent ad showed him reading a child a story about building walls. That worked. What do I know?

Only that #MIRWPFGA is the slogan we really need right now.


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