MAGA Needs An Update—#MIRWPFGA

Red t-shirt styled like MAGA gear with the words, make ignorant religious white people feel great again.
This could be yours! Buy here.

No, don’t really @ me on this, I’m confrontation avoidant with people I don’t know. I have to love you to be willing to fight with you. So if you don’t see how the slogan is apt, I probably don’t love you.

My point is, MAGA needs an update. #MIRWPFGA.

Sure, Make Ignorant Religious People Feel Great Again is not quite as catchy. But I can make…



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L.L. Kirchner

L.L. Kirchner

Award-winning screenwriter & best-selling author | GenXer | Terminally lapsed Catholic & recovering yoga teacher writing about what matters now |