My Name Is Stephen, And My Parents Still Pay For My Cell Phone

I only make $160k a year in this crap White House job, what do you expect?

L.L. Kirchner
2 min readApr 15, 2022


Stephen Miller, actively spending his parents money. SOURCE: Politico

If you love realizing ever more deeply how flimsy the arguments supporting Jan. 6 really are, you’ll want to know this.

Former senior advisor to ex-President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, has been antagonistic toward the committee investigating the attempted government coup, going so far as to sue to prevent them from collecting information.

What’s he hiding? Not this juicy fact: this 36-year-old man child is still on his parents cell phone plan.

When investigators tried to access his phone records, his argument against it was to allege that the panel was invading his parents’ privacy since he was on their family plan.

This is the same man who pushed to separate parents and children. He furthermore refused to allow the provision of mental health services to those children, presumably envisioning it could be an argument in support of claims of the U.S. government-sanctioned child abuse.

I have so many questions.

Has he never paid for his own phone? How much money does he come from that at $160k a year he feels too squeezed to start his own family plan? With his actual wife. And child. Are she and the kid on the in-laws family’s plan? Or are they also on his parents’ plan? What is wrong with people? Is he even telling the truth?

We live in a country that allows for dissent. Public assembly. (Take note Amy Comey Barrett!) Even the right to bear arms.

The one universally agreed upon responsiblity that comes with these rights however, is that they should not be used to incite violence. How Jan. 6 can be seen as anything other than a clear violation of that is a mystery.

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