Who Loves Guns More Than People?

The answer won’t surprise you, but the money grab will.

L.L. Kirchner


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The Donald is at it again. This time, that unscrupulous greedy prick is capitalizing on a tragic accident.

Hello, Matt Groening? I’m sorry they did this to you and Homer.

Trump Jr sent out the above Tweet showing the beleaguered Homer Simpson in the role of town crier, alerting us to watch Alec Baldwin shuck blame for a tragic accident onto a gun. ICYMI, Baldwin was practicing a stunt on the movie set for Rust when the prop gun went off, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring Director Joel Souza. Who is to blame is so not the issue.

Worse yet, the “humor” on display here is exceedingly un-funny. The opposite of laughable. Even if we weren’t talking about the death of a fellow human being, say, Baldwin accidentally shot a dog, what’s the joke exactly? That’s amusing to whom because what now?

Oh, if he’d only stopped there. But no! He made a t-shirt.

Screenshot from Donald Trump Jr’s website hawking a $28 t-shirt mocking a tragedy.
Screenshot by the author.

The sentence suggests a nod to the pro-gun slogan, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” It’s not even less vapid than the original, insanely vapid sentiment. (See, I can repeat words in a sentence, too!) And while it’s gratifying to see that Baldwin’s near-weekly skewering of dear old dad really did pain the old man, nothing justifies this bizarre money grab.

Is this the world you want to live in? And while yes, it’s true that social media creates even a humor echo chamber, how did this even happen?

I’ve seen plenty of attempts at conservative comedy. Though I’m no fan of sacred cows, said comedy often falls flat. By its very nature it’s a bit of a contradiction—after all, conservatism is about protecting the status quo—but this type of comedy is on the rise.

FOX has just unleashed Greg Gutfeld on a national late-night audience by way of the imaginatively-titled “Gutfeld!” And the show is killing it in the ratings.



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