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Much as I love this beauty, I’ve never typed on such a thing. Mac user from way back.

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Who’s writing this stuff?

Between growing up in my parents’ gym and landing in rehab for the first time at 19, I’ve spent my whole life around people in transformation. But changing myself has never been easy. My first memoir, Hello American Lady Creature — named one of Bustle’s “11 Books to Battle the Blues” — tells what it was like to go through a divorce while living in Qatar, one of the world’s most patriarchal countries. NPR said it was “like Eat, Pray, Love, but funny.” My second memoir, Blissful Thinking: Surviving the Wellness Revolution, is currently in publishing purgatory but I’ll tell you the minute that changes.

Believe it or not, I have an actual journalism degree from Ohio State. I like to write about culture, pop and otherwise, and often how my life intersects with it all.

My writing can be found in The Washington Post, Budget Travel, Salon and the New York Times if you’re tenacious. I’ve been writing since before the internet.

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L.L. Kirchner

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